Nonstop weekend

What a weekend! I don’t know if I’ve ever been so busy over three days! I was exhausted at work today and need a weekend to recover from my weekend.  Basically it went down like this…

Friday- Finish work, head into the city to meet Emily.  Head to the Garden of Unearthly Delights, eat falafel wrap for dinner.

IMG 0154

Proceed to drink copious amounts of wine and eat a piece of naan bread.  Enjoy the carnival-esque sights and sounds of the Garden during the Fringe festival.

IMG 0155

IMG 0132

Arrive home around 3am.  Crash out.

Saturday- Struggle to get out of bed due to pounding head.  Resolve to never drink copious amounts of wine again.

Head to Glenelg to meet friends at Tasca Viva for tapas and no sangria (see: pounding head). Watch as plate after  plate of tapas are delivered.

IMG 0156

Curse sick stomach and still-pounding head for lack of desire to eat any of it. Eat some anyway.

From the tapas, head to the Dublin Pub, then the Laneway Bar, then Tuxedo Cat, then BBQ City, then the Barrio.  Finally get the party mojo back somewhere around the Tuxedo Cat. Drink cocktails, eat dumplings, watch the boys gorge themselves on dumplings.

IMG 0157

IMG 0159

Explore the bizarre and amazing world of Barrio, a temporary late night club set up outside behind Parliament House as part of the Adelaide Festival. A world of themed bars, live entertainment, street food, and random displays.

IMG 0187

IMG 0184

As described by Barrio itself:

Under the stars on the Hajek Plaza’s sculptured plains a community of collectors, merchants, eccentrics and provocateurs gather to set the scene for an unrepeatable late night club.

Curious wares are sold, improbable tales told and feet stomp into the night as Barrio celebrates Adelaide’s sub-cultures with a wild, ever-changing mix of market place, bar, stage and dance floor.

Join the fun at one of six crazy, kitschy, lovingly handmade bars as colourful characters serve a rainbow of individually crafted cocktails dreamed up by Adelaide’s best bartenders. Leave the fast paced, pre-mixed and artificial behind and embrace Barrio’s extensive menu of specially created elixirs.

IMG 0166

IMG 0169

IMG 0173

IMG 0177

Drink a giant jar of peach bourbon iced tea.

IMG 0192

Yeah I did.

Crash into bed at the slightly more reasonable hour of 12 30am.

Sunday- Get up, sans headache, and rejoice in the wonders of learning your booze lesson.

Head back to Glenelg for breakfast/brunch at Grind It Espresso.

IMG 0204

Feast on Turkish bread, mushrooms, tomatoes, potatoes, and a zucchini fritter.

IMG 0205

Share superfluous banana bread.

IMG 0206

Roll self out of café.

Head to the TA Hotel for free cider tasting and to meet up with A’s sister Heather.  Drink cider, enjoy sunshine, relax.

IMG 0208

Go home, make salad, head to A’s parent’s place for dinner.  Eat aforementioned salad, eggplant rolls, lentil patties for dinner.  Enjoy red wine for dessert.  Chat and visit until suddenly it’s 11pm, go home and make Andrew watch an episode of Gilmore Girls.  Bedtime!

Wake up exhausted on Monday morning and wish you had another weekend to recover!

Hope you had a great weekend too!

What did you do this weekend?


  1. Goodness, you’ve made me tired just reading this! Looks like you had a great time though (and some seriously good food!).
    CheezyK recently posted..Travelday – New PlansMy Profile

  2. It sounds like your weekend started the exact same way mine did! I drank copious amounts of beer and wine in order to celebrate having a reunion with my senior year roommates. And I also woke up with a pounding head ache. You know you shouldn’t be going for a run when it hurts to put your hair up because you’re too hungover, ha! Glad you had such a good weekend! The food looks amazinggg :)

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