Secret date night – Jurassic Park!

One thing I love about Australia is that Thursdays are generally treated like Fridays.  Everyone tends to be really relaxed at work on a Thursday, and a lot of people feel free to go out and have a few beers after work, as if they are having a little mini Friday night.  It is such a nice way to welcome the weekend!

My Thursday was excellent! It started with my new favourite breakfast.

IMG 0392

Two toaster waffles with natural chunky PB and sliced strawberries.

Lunch was leftover Crispy Eggplant Schnitzel with ketchup and a big salad.

IMG 0394

Unpictured went a cup of soup for a snack later in the afternoon, plus some pizookie, aka pazookie or cazookie, which is delicious and completely unhealthy.  I have a recipe for you, but more on that another day…

I have a special thing I like to do in my relationship with Andrew, and that is to plan secret surprise dates to take him on.  I tell him as far in advance as possible that we are going on a surprise date, and then I remind him about it often to build anticipation and suspense.  He loves it (right love?!) and I especially love coming up with something that I think he’ll enjoy while keeping it all under wraps.

Previous secret dates have included kayaking with dolphins through shipwrecks, going away for a weekend to a golf resort, going horseback riding, going to see live big band music, and going for a picnic in the Botanic Gardens.  Last night’s secret date may have overshadowed them all.

Andrew, like a lot of guys, really likes dinosaurs.  I always thought that a fascination with the T Rex and his smaller d-saur friends died when most guys hit 12 or so, but over the years I’ve learned that most males I know still think dinosaurs are the coolest things ever.  Andrew is one of those males. When I heard that the South Australia Museum was holding a free viewing of Jurassic Park last night, I knew I had to take Andrew on a fun night out.

The movie was shown on the lawns outside the museum.  It was a beautiful night, with the temperature hovering around 25 degrees Celsius and the gorgeous old buildings of North Terrace surrounding us.

IMG 0398


I had packed us a picnic dinner and we snacked on veggies and dip, crackers and pita bread while waiting for the movie to start.

IMG 0395

IMG 0396

The film was introduced by Dr Philip Curry, a famous Canadian palaeontologist, who apparently was one of the scientists that Sam Neill’s character in the movie, Dr Alan Grant, was based on.  Very cool.

IMG 0400

Dr Curry gave a brief introduction and talk, and then as the sun went down, the movie began.IMG 0404

We had such a good night together- we couldn’t believe that Jurassic Park was made way back in 1993! That is almost TWENTY years ago- yikes- and the graphics still look awesome.  Another successful secret date night completed!

Are there any movies you remembering seeing when they first came out that are shockingly old now?


  1. Wow, I’ve been feeling like that with all the Titanic hype about lately (15 yrs, really?) but I can.not believe that Jurassic Park is that old!
    CheezyK recently posted..ChainlinkMy Profile

    • Right?! Makes me feel old.
      Funny you mentioned Titanic- I remember going to see it at the theater in grade 8 but it was sold out- so we saw Spice World instead. Those were the days! I eventually saw the big T in theaters once the frenzy calmed down, and I have no desire to see it again in 3D. I hate 3D!

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