That time I crashed on Danishes and my new home office

I’ve been a little quiet on the blog this week because I’ve been getting back into Bodytrim, which, as you may recall from this post, starts off with a three-day “protein only” phase, or a carb detox.  As you can imagine, this means that meals this week have been extremely boring and non-photogenic, so I’ve been keeping to myself a bit.

IMG 2233

Since I don’t have any food photos, here is a picture of Misto sitting on an orange towel on my sideboard and yelling.

Given that I’ve already started Bodytrim, you may be wondering why I’m going through Phase One again. Well, a couple of months ago, all was humming along well in my weight loss world, and I was steadily losing a kilo or two each month.  It all came crashing to a halt the day that I had to prepare our office for a two-day meeting of our formal advisory group.  People flew in from all over the country for this meeting, and I spent my days making sure that they were taken care of.  This included clearing the catering out of the boardroom after each meal, which means it also included eating a leftover mini Danish.  And another, and then another.

I realise that three mini Danishes does not sound very crazy, and if you’re looking at calories alone, it’s not.  The problem was that I’d been eating in Bodytrim style up until then, which means that I was having a serve of processed or naturally-sugary carbs (usually a banana or toast at breakfast) once a day, and then just a ton of veggies and some protein for the rest of the day.  I was feeling great! I had lots of energy and wasn’t waking up in the morning feeling bloated or with an upset tummy anymore. On days when I had personal training or another explosive workout planned, I might add some extra carbs at snack time or at lunch, but aside from that, I was steering very clear of sugar-laden pastries or anything with a lot of flour or processed ingredients.

Until. Those Danishes. Within an hour of eating them, I had a headache that water, exercise, and sleep couldn’t erase.  I felt lethargic and heavy and actually quite sick.  I know this sounds really dramatic, but they really affected me.  But the next day, I cleaned up the catering again, and again I had a bite-sized Danish. After that taste of pastry the day before, my sugar cravings were back in full swing, and I couldn’t resist  a treat. Ooh, and maybe that little eclair.  And look how tiny and adorable that chocolate croissant is! I’ll just have a nibble…

And just like that, my Bodytrim-compliant eating went out the window for months. It really did not take long to derail my good eating habits, and in no time, I stopped losing weight.  I even went up about half a kilo, which isn’t much in the grand scheme of things, but when I think of how hard I have to work to get 500 grams off of my body, it sounds like a lot.

So anyway, that is the story of how my eating plan got thrown off track, and a little note about my lack of posts lately.  Since I spent so long off the plan, I decided to start all over again at Phase One. Phase One of Bodytrim is hard. You have to eat six times a day, which is ok, but as I mentioned above, each of those meals needs to be pure protein, which is neither wildly appetising nor particularly exciting.  Once I’m past day three though, I can eat as many veggies as I like, and my morning carb fix will come back into play. I am already counting down the hours until breakfast tomorrow! Come at me, banana-egg pancake!

In other news, I bought a monitor for myself today!

IMG 2236

And now you can see two of my little secrets: 1) I drink bottle upon bottle of soda water and/or sparkling mineral water. I love the bubbles but hate how bad it is for the environment.  Does anyone have any experience with Soda Stream? 2) I have a box full of wedding save-the-dates that are yet to go out. 

I’m actually super excited about this because when I’m home, I do all of my work, blogging, and uni writing on a laptop. You can imagine what that does to my arms, shoulders and wrists after hours of writing, not to mention how often I squint at the screen and have trouble viewing more than one document or window at once. (Aside: the computer just autocorrected “squint” to “squat”! It’s like it knows me!)

I set up a little work station on my dining room table as my desk doesn’t have enough room for a monitor, laptop and keyboard to all fit on it (that was a short-sighted desk purchase at Ikea). And now I’m happily typing away and actually enjoying the experience rather than having to force myself to do it!

Alright, I’m off for a walk in the glorious sunshine on this delightfully cool evening.

What is your home workstation like? How have you spared your body any aches and pains from spending so much time on the computer (I’m looking for tips here)?

Have you ever had a crash from sugary carbs?




  1. I found the same thing even in the first few days of TapOut, after only 4-5 days of eating ridiculously well the first sight of processed sugar sent me into a tailspin … it was unbelievable how quickly my body had adjusted to the new regime. On the plus side, that nasty sick headachy feeling was enough to help remind me to stay on track!

    I’ve been contemplating a Soda Stream myself lately, we go through litres and litres of mineral water a week too and the number of bottles in our recycling is ridiculous!

    • I’m glad I’m not the only one to experience that. I’m taking it as a good sign that what we were doing pre-crash was working well for our bodies! Are you still doing TapOut?

      Let me know if you end up getting a Soda Stream; I’m trying to decide if it’s worth adding yet another appliance to my countertop…

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