Happy New Year!

How was your Christmas? How about your New Years? It’s been a busy season over here in the Eat Run Write household.

IMG 2310

I spy a tiny cat!

Max and I ended up hosting his family for Christmas day lunch, which involved a ton of work, a lot of cooking, and endless Christmas baking! We served up a feast of crudités with homemade hummus (made with Mayver’s black tahini- it was amazing!), zucchini fritters with chili yogurt dip, barbecued veggie and haloumi skewers, assorted barbecued meats, lentil tabouleh salad, and roast pumpkin salad.  It went really well, and was lots of fun.


Christmas is Max’s aunt’s birthday, so I made her this birthday cake.  I also made a pumpkin pie and served Christmas baking. It was tasty!

A little tip: next year, if you are wondering what to make for your Christmas baking, think about including chocolate-dipped pretzels!

IMG 2314

These little guys were easy to make, and since they’re sweet, salty, and perfectly bite-size, they were a big hit with everyone we gifted them to.  I bet they’d be really fun to make with kids, too…I made these with Max, which is almost the same thing :) All you need to do is melt some chocolate, dip the pretzels in, then add some chopped candy to them or drizzle with melted white chocolate. The ones you see here have been topped with chopped Snickers bars, chopped gummy bears, sprinkles, white chocolate, and mini M&Ms respectively. Yum! We plated them up with some chocolate crinkles and snickerdoodles and gave them away on pretty plates wrapped in cellophane.

My New Years was pretty fun…mostly.  Max and I drove down to Goolwa, a country town about an hour south of Adelaide. We hired a budget cabin at the lakeside caravan park for the night and just hung out on the front porch, listening to music and playing games. We stopped into town to have a quick dinner at a local pub before returning to homemade vodka-cranberry drinks on the porch.

We saw the new year in, cheered with the other caravan park campers, and hung out until about 1am before turning in. Unfortunately, I was up about an hour later with some serious stomach cramps.  (Those of you with weak stomachs, turn away now!) I proceeded to launch myself out of bed and barely made it to the bathroom before I vomited over and over and over again…and that’s not the only kind of sick I experienced, ifyaknowwhattamean. Too much? It was the worst I’ve felt in I don’t know how long.  After about 30 minutes, I was back in bed, shaking and sweating and completely chilled.  I tried to fall asleep, but was up again shortly, once again hugging the toilet in the tiny cabin ensuite.

It was terrible. Given that I didn’t have very much to drink, and taking into account the violence of the vomiting, Max and I concluded that I must have gotten food poisoning at the pub.  The most likely culprit? I had some creamy potato salad from the salad bar, which, looking back, is out of character for me.  I normally steer clear of any food that is sitting out in the open for too long, particularly if it is creamy and if other people could possibly breathe on or near it.

I’ve learned my lesson now! I’m feeling ok today, but still a bit fragile.  I’ve been sticking to plain, dry crackers and soda water for the moment.

Anyway! We’re now officially in 2014 and I’m looking forward to big, busy year! Max and I will get married, we’ll have our engagement party, and I’m turning thirty- yikes! We also have one more exciting piece of news, but I’m planning to blog about that tomorrow, when I take a look at New Year Resolutions.

I know, I know: if you want to make a change, there is no reason to wait for a new year to do it! I do believe that, but I also believe that working from a fresh slate is a nice way to start life changes, and I love the clean, crisp feeling of January 1. I’ll be back with more on that soon!

Please tell me your New Years Eve was better than mine! How about your Christmas? Any cool presents? 






  1. Hi Erin! Just stumbled across your blog, hope you’re feeling better today, and enjoying the cooler weather in Adelaide! I’ve spent a winter or two in Canada, so understand what you mean about the crisp winter air (except I was always in reverse and craved the hot, dry heat!). Look forward to reading more posts.

    • Hi Ali! I’m so glad you stopped by! I am feeling much better, thanks, and I’m loving the cool change for sure. What were you doing in Canada??

  2. Wow, that certainly must have taken the shine off the start to the year :( We ended up pretty low key with a bbq at the in-laws’ and some tv fireworks. Might have to actually make plans next year … Hope you’re doing better now.

    • I’m feeling so much better, thanks K :) It was a rough night though, that’s for sure! A low key night sounds lovely! Sometimes it’s better to have a quiet night rather than experience the classic NYE let down.

  3. Evelyn Cale says:

    Hey Erin! Thanks for letting me know that I wasn’t alone on having terrible new year’s! Well as you know, it is a time for gathering so my family spent it together, as always. It was awesome! The sad part was that our relatives reported that I snored pretty bad and kept everybody in the shared room awake for quite long. Isn’t that sad :( Now I doubt if they will ever spend one more night with me (what a shame :( )They were teasing me that I snored louder than the sound of the fireworks!I Had myself assessed by a pharmacist who gave me this test (http://bit.ly/1fbaHIU) and was said to have throat airway obstruction. I got myself a mouth guard that was recommended by the pharmacist and I think its really helping. The only thing I am bothered now is on how long I will sleep with a device. Sure it really helps, but boy I wish I could just go back to the time when I had quiet sleeps :(

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