2014 New Year Resolutions, plus a GIVEAWAY to get you going!

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It’s that time of year again…time to set some goals for 2014! 

Before I do, though, I want to take a look at what I set out to accomplish in 2013.  I wrote an entire post about last year’s resolutions, but here’s the short version:

1) To go to bed earlier- I’m aiming to be in bed by 10 30pm every night.

2) Reduce my stress in the mornings.

3) To be a better friend.

4) To save x amount of money by the end of the year.

5) Project Prevent Pain.

6) Win the Goodlife Health Clubs 12 Week Challenge.

So, how did I do? Well, I definitely made some inroads into going to bed earlier.  Aside from weekend and holidays (obviously), I did get to bed earlier in 2013, though sadly not by 10 30pm each night. As a result, number two was pretty good too! I felt much less stressed in the mornings this year, and managed to eat breakfast more often than not.  I also was ok about getting in morning workouts, but definitely not consistent at the level I’d like to be. 

In terms of being a better friend, I think I definitely improved on this in 2013. I made and kept plans with friends every week, and I started hosting plenty of get togethers at my home, including parties, dinners, and girls nights. I made sure not to cancel any standing plans (this was a big problem due to anxiety in 2012) and followed through when I told someone I would be there for them. A tick for goal three, though of course, I can always work harder to be a better friend!

That brings us to the money saving goal. I guess I have to mark this one as a fail, because…Max and I just bought a house! We have finally found a place that we love, and our savings are officially depleted.  I’m so excited to tell you more about our new home soon, but for now I will keep this post to goals only.

Number five was Project Prevent Pain, and I’m so pleased to say that I have not struggled with pain hardly at all this year.  I have paid careful attention to stretching, foam rolling, and resting when needed, and I am moving into 2014 injury free!

Finally…we all know that I did NOT win the Goodlife 12 Week Challenge! Ha! Not even close.  However, I did lose over six kilos and several centimetres all over, so I’ll take that as a suitable sub-goal success indicator. 

Alright. Now that boring old 2013 is out of the way, let’s focus on this year! Like I said last year, it’s important to me that my goals are measurable, so I’ve also written down how I will measure my success. Here are my goals for 2014:

1) Feel happy, fit and confident on our wedding day.

Wedding dress

This is not me or my dress (I don’t have one yet), but I like it! source

Max and I are getting hitched on 18 October this year, which gives me just over 10 months to whip myself into shape! At the moment, I shy away from cameras and struggle with wondering what people must think of me when I haul my too-heavy self into a room. On our wedding day, I want to be thrilled to be the star of the show, never shrinking away from the photographer that we are paying good money for, or thinking about my figure when I’m talking to the people I love. My friends know me as outgoing, a little crazy, and more than happy to be the centre of attention. I want this day to be one that is beautiful, memorable, and a celebration of Max and I as our true selves, not the shrinking violet I let my weight make me into sometimes. 

This goal really encompasses a few sub goals; healthy meal planning, consistent exercise sessions, and positive thinking will be major components of reaching a happy, fit and confident state. 

How I’ll measure it: As part of this goal, I’m going to try and keep up my Wedding Weight Loss Wednesdays posts, which I’ve been forgetting about recently! Hold me to it, ok? My weight loss goal is to feel good about myself and look amazing in my wedding dress, so I don’t have a concrete number in mind, but generally, I would like to drop somewhere around 30 kilos / 66 pounds and return to my previous weight. It’s going to be hard work! 

I also want to try and run a few local Adelaide running races this year, which will be a good indication of how my fitness is going. I’m thinking specifically of the Mother’s Day Classic and the City to Bay.

2) Commit more time to this little blog.

Time source

You have probably noticed that my writing here can be fleeting. I know you are a busy person too, with a full life trying to juggle work, health, fitness, eating well, family, friends, and maybe wedding planning and a Masters degree like me! So it goes without saying that sometimes I skip out on blogging here for days or weeks at a time, and I want to try and remedy that this year. I love using this space as a way to record memories and important milestones in my life, and what better place to remember the year that I turn 30, get married, and move into my first home?

How I’ll measure it: I will post at least twice per week, if not more often. 

3) Keep working on my relationships.

Relationships source

Though I improved on being a better friend last year, I really want to invest more in all of my relationships this year.  That means spending time preparing for my marriage to Max (reading relationship books, attending pre-marital counselling together), giving lots of time to my girlfriends and bridesmaids (time that is not wedding-centred), and making sure I email and Skype my family in Canada regularly.

How I’ll measure it: Relationships aren’t exactly quantitative, but considering how much quality time I commit to each person throughout the year is a start. 

And that’s it! I know this doesn’t sound like very many goals, but I feel like they are pretty big and time-consuming, plus, number one encompasses a few sub-goals that will require a lot of effort. I guess these resolutions sort of reflect what’s important to me right now: improving my mental and physical state in time for a major life event (and staying that way after the wedding!), committing time to a creative activity like blogging in order to connect with new friends online and create lasting memories, and valuing and respecting the people who make my life so special. 


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  1. They all sound like great goals! I haven’t made any resolutions as such, and I don’t normally at the beginning of the year. Not sure why, but I do think it’s important to make goals throughout the year, to keep the wheels turning.
    If you’re after a bit more inspiration with your running/walking, check out this website if you haven’t found it already:
    It’s South Australia’s Road Runners Club, and there are loads of other running and walking events held throughout the year. You don’t have to be a member of the Club to enter the events.

    • Ooh I used to be a member of the SARRC! They were a great group to run with. I will have to look into them again and see which events are coming up!

  2. Hi Erin,
    So lovely to read about your motivational inspirational & down to earth – positive attitude.
    I am immigrating to Adelaide end of this month.. And have set out to make beautiful new friends & restart life…
    I would love to keep in touch & perhaps join a running club, social get together – I love people & children…
    2014 for me is also a huge – attempt to get back into shape… started 3 months ago…- and knowing I will be surrounded by healthy positive people – gets me very excited.
    I know nobody in Adelaide – & arrive with nothing but our suitcases packed to the brim…
    Nervous but I know it’s going to be a great exploring adventure…
    Have a great weekend… Keep in touch – Tam????

    • Hi Tam! How very exciting that you are moving to Adelaide. Where are you moving from? I’m sure you’ll be able to make plenty of friends here; Aussies are a friendly bunch :)

  3. Rebecca Morgan says:

    Great blog! I hadn’t really thought of resolving to be a better friend, but I think it’s a great resolution and I’m considering stealing it :-) I’ve decided that 2014 is the year for Project Lose the Baby Weight (6 pregnancies leading to 2 kids over the last 4 years, goodbye stomach!) and I’d also like to finish some of the unfinished craft projects I’ve had lying around for years. So, for me, 2014 is all about tying up loose ends and moving into the next stage. Good luck with your wedding, I hope it’s perfect!

    • Hi Rebecca! Yes, totally steal it- all of us can probably stand to be a more supportive and loving friend :)
      I love your resolutions. Six pregnancies and two kids is a lot, and your body has done some amazing things! It will be great to have a year where you can focus on getting it back into great shape!
      And THANK YOU for the wedding wishes :) It’s a fun ride so far!

  4. My biggest resolution is to stop drinking soft drink. I drink a TON of Coke Zero and I can’t seem to stop. I know it will help me be more healthy but it’s hard. I’d love to win this voucher because in addition to the soft drink resolution, I want to do more exercise too.

    • Yes, pop is a big issue for lots of people, including Max…he loves that stuff! Hang in there and maybe look at Wonder Winnies or another drink sweetened with stevia? Or make your own iced tea? Good luck in the giveaway :)

  5. My new years resolution is to lower my cholesterol, I’m 39, and have found out it’s quite high and I don’t want to go on tablets. So I need to exercise, eat better – low fat all the way as well as having the fish oils etc that are meant to help. Finally I have made a resolution that I know I will keep, as I want to see my kids get old!

    • Hi Kim! That is a great goal. Your kids are lucky to have a mom who is making the effort to be there for the long term! Best of luck and I look forward to hearing how you go this year!

  6. I have liked you on facebook too.

  7. thanks for the resolution ideas! I want to win this prize because my resolution is to lose 10 kilos by my birthday, which is in May. I could use some new shoes!

  8. To be more consistent with my running.

  9. My resolution is to try out 1 new healthy recipe every week. I’ve been in a bit of a rut with food lately so I need some fresh new flavours to enjoy. Hopefully by the end of the year I will be full of inspiration that I can pass onto my family and friends so that they can be healthier too.

    • Hi Amber! I love that resolution- trying new things is the perfect way to get out of a rut and freshen up your healthy eating. I’m posting a new recipe this week that you might like to try :)

  10. That’s a very impressive 2013! Well done :) Good luck with your 2014 goals, I look forward to reading about how you go about meeting them.

    I’m not a big one for resolutions but last year I started with a yearly motto of ‘stop talking and start doing’ which I’m following up this year with ‘stick to it’.

  11. I want to quit smoking. I have tried three times before but this year it needs to stick.

  12. Leah Warner says:

    2014 is going to be my year. I have been battling depression for the past two years, and my biggest New Years Resolution was to finally battle it. I am getting married in may, and have so much to look forward to that I simply can’t sit around dwelling. In the past 2 years, I have gained a lot of weigh which has only added to my depression, which is why I made this my major resolution! In order to do to meet the overall goal, I’ve set some smaller resolutions to help along the way:
    1. Work out 5 days a week (Exercise = endorphins = happiness!)
    2. Don’t stress over things I can’t control (like work!)
    3. Make more time for friends and family
    4. Eat healthy (Weight = not happy)
    5. Let go of the past… dwelling only leads to stress!


    • Hi Leah! CONGRATS on your upcoming wedding; how exciting! your plan sounds just wonderful and I wish you the best of luck. Please do keep checking in and let me know how your goals are going!


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