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Ah, the weekend.  Is there anything better? I think not, and this one has been particularly lovely. I finished work on Friday and headed to the gym for a Body Balance class. 

IMG 2321

I haven’t been to Balance in forever. It was harder than I remembered! Body Balance is basically a combination of tai chi, pilates, and yoga, and I always think of it as a “relax and stretch” class, when it’s really a relax, stretch, lunge, balance, hip-open, twist, warrior pose-rich class. I loved the instructor though and I think I’ll make this a regular Friday thing. It was a nice way to ease out of the work week and into a couple of days off. 

That night, Max and I headed into town to pick up some books about marriage.  We’ve both been talking about how we’d like to prepare ourselves for our marriage and how we want to ensure that we are building the strongest relationship possible, so when Max suggested we go find some books, I was in! We bought three, then celebrated our find with a cocktail at the Howling Owl

IMG 2322

Howling Owl specialises in gin of all types, so I tried a gin Old Fashioned.  It was strong, but that was perfect because I wanted to stick to just one drink, and having something that required sipping helped keep things in check! 

I knew Saturday was going to be a good day when it started with these:

IMG 2323

Breakfast with a side of native Australian flowers.

IMG 2324

Greek yogurt pancakes topped with chopped apples.  I sautéed the apples in coconut oil and cinnamon until they were tender and they were perfect. The ultimate pancake topper! And very good fuel to help me clean the house before meeting a new friend for coffee. 

Tangent: how good are new friends? It’s notoriously difficult to make friends as an adult (so much so that I wrote a whole post about it once), so when you get the chance to find one, jump on it! Saturday’s coffee date was a friend of a friend, and we just clicked.

After coffee, I did a bit of shopping before catching up with Max to go play tennis.  I wish I had pictures of this because it was our most successful tennis trip yet! I don’t actually know how play properly, so we just rally across the net and try to keep the volley going. We made it as far as 29 hits in a row, which is definitely a record! It was super fun and had me running around for nearly an hour on a gorgeous day…what more could you want? 

We ended Saturday evening watching a movie with Max’s sister and just relaxing.  I was glad to have an early bedtime because I met up with my new friend for an 8 30am Body Pump class at the gym this morning. It was tough! It was my first time with that instructor and she was a nugget of a lady; super buff.  She could have bench pressed me easily. After class, Max and I grabbed some breakfast and browsed a beautiful old bookstore owned by the sweetest old lady (Adelaide friends, hit up Acacia Arts on Hutt St!). 

IMG 2325

IMG 2326

We bought a book each (Tom Sawyer for him, Wuthering Heights for her) and then went to our real destination: the shoe store! I came home with these beauties:

IMG 2327

Gorgeous right? I’m an Asics devotee, and it’s been two year since I bought my last pair of Keyanos.  These babies are the Gel Cumulus 15 and are super light.  I can’t wait to give them a try on the open road! 

Alright, that’s it for me tonight. Back to work tomorrow…

How often do you replace your running shoes? I know you’re meant to do it when you get to a certain number of kms or miles, but I never keep track. 

Do you love old, pre-used books or do you prefer the clean crack of a brand new spine upon first opening? I actually like the weird, musty smell of old books a lot. It makes me feel like I’m holding history.


  1. Love the shoes! And I love body balance!

  2. Body Balance sounds great, I might have to look into that!

    Nothing wrong with loving old books, I love them so much I want my very own shop just like that :)

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