Wedding Weight Loss Wednesday


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As part of my new years resolutions, I decided to re-start my Wedding Weight Loss Wednesday feature on the blog. The idea is that it will keep me accountable to my weight loss and fitness goals while keeping you updated on any developments or tips and tricks I come across as the countdown to the wedding ticks by! Plus, it offers a myriad of opportunities for alliteration :)


Alright, let’s get going for this week, shall we?

As a general format, I thought I could do a brief workout recap of the last seven days, and then share my weigh-in results and any other observations from the week. I really don’t want this to be too much of a navel-gazing exercise (you’ve all read those weight loss blogs, right? Where people just talk and talk and talk about very bite of food for and nitpick every detail), but more of a general overview so I can get an idea for what’s working and feeling good, and what isn’t.

Here’s the deets:

Workout wrap-up

Wed 1 Jan — Nada. I was still recovering from food poisoning and lay on the couch all day with my dry crackers. Not the finest start to the new year!

Thurs 2 Jan — Personal training session with Max and trainer Ben. This session combined a lot of pushups, crunches, toe-touches, and jump squats in between boxing drills. It was tough stuff!

Fri 3 Jan — Body Balance class. I rediscovered how hard yoga can be and that I have the slipperiest hands and feet in the world. More on this in another post to come, but I finally found a yoga mat that can stand up to my sweatiness!

Sat 4 Jan — Tennis with Max. This was a blast!

Sun 5 Jan– Morning Body Pump class with a new friend. As she so aptly put it, “This is way better than a hangover, right?”. Right.

Mon 6 Jan — Zombie run. I had tired legs from Pump and this was not a fast run; in fact, I walked for a lot of it. I covered just under 5km though and it was good to get outside.

Tues 7 Jan– 6am Body Pump class. Have you tried the latest release? The squat track is killer, and the triceps tracks uses only plates (no bar work), which means I can hardly move my arms. I’ll call it a success! 

Weigh in

My eating this week was pretty much perfect, so I was hoping for a great weigh in result…and I got it! I am down .9kg / 1.98lbs for the week! That is exactly on track for my goal, so I’m looking forward to keeping up this routine!


Not much to note here. I stuck to my eating plan for the week really well, and got in all the workouts that I scheduled. For the first time in ages, I didn’t go out for dinner this week, which also helped keep calories (and money!) under control, plus I can’t even remember the last time I had any wine.  No wait, that’s a lie. It was Sunday and it was glorious. Anyway, I am aiming to mirror this week for the next seven days! 

How are you trucking along with your resolutions? 

Do you like seeing most of my meals on the blog? I haven’t been posting pictures of all my meals lately because 1) they are often repetitive (oatmeal, salad) and 2) I wonder if you guys are bored of it.  Let me know! 

PS – I just went for my first bike ride in four years and I fell off the bike while standing still. Cut my hand and scratched my engagement ring and everything. Don’t count on seeing “bike riding” in many future workout wrap-ups! 


  1. I love food snaps, I also like reading about your journey and wedding preparations. Awesome weight loss!

  2. I quite like food photos and recipes, especially when they’re healthy, real life recipes BUT I do find the detail of every single thing one eats every single day to be quite boring (which is why I no longer subscribe to any of those blogs!).

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