Oops, I did it again (plus Things I’m Loving and the giveaway winner!)

Remember how Max and I went on a little cycling jaunt the other day, and I fell and scratched my engagement ring? 

Yeah, I did it again…but worse.

IMG 2337

Max and I went on the most gorgeous bike ride on Saturday.  We found a bike path that runs all the way from the city to Glenelg beach, and headed off in great spirits during the late afternoon. About 5kms into our journey, we dismounted to walk our bikes across a tram line.  We were stopped on gravel, so when I put my weight on the handlebars and swung one leg over the bike, the front wheel slid through the gravel and both me and bike hit the gravel hard. I managed to finish the ride just fine (we covered over 20km in total), but it’s been sore ever since.  I also got a lot of dirt in the scratches that I couldn’t get out, so I had to go to the doctor today for a tetanus booster shot.  Boooo. 

Anyway, I want to focus this post on some nicer things! Over the holidays I had the chance to try a few new-to-me products, so here is the first edition of Things I’m Loving! 

  • Learning something new.
    My Christmas present from Max was a violin! I have been saying for years and years that I just love violin music and that I’m convinced if I could just get my hands on one, I’d be a prodigy! Since unwrapping this beauty on Christmas morning, I can’t say I’ve produced any heavenly sounds, but I’m having a blast trying!
  • Mayver’s Hazelnut and Cocoa spread. OMG.
    This stuff is amazing! It’s similar to Nutella, but is completely natural and only has two ingredient: hazelnuts and cocoa. It’s not sweet like Nutella, but the chocolate and hazelnut flavours are out of this world. I’ve been eating a spoonful of this as a night time snack when I feel like something dessert-ish, and I’m plowing through the jar! The Mayvers people also sent me a jar of their gorgeous black tahini. Like I mentioned already, I used some on Christmas day in the hummus that I served our guests and it was beautiful. Loving that Mayvers focuses on all-natural, healthy options that are easy to find and buy!
  • This beautiful natural soy candle from The Aromatherapy Co.
    It is cocoa and vanilla scented and comes in such a gorgeous cut-glass holder. I love having something pretty to light when guests come over! Plus, I’ve placed it next to this photo of Max and I by the Olympic rings in Whistler (near Vancouver, where my family lives), which is such a great memory!
     Candle frame
  • Jamie Oliver’s 30 Minute Meals. Ok, I know I am totally late to the party on this one, but this cookbook is amazing.
    I bought a copy for Max for our three year anniversary, and he has been cooking meals for me from it ever since. Most meals take longer than 30 minutes (around 45), but that is still an excellent trade off for a main, side dish, and salad or dessert! You have to pick and choose what you make if you’re trying to be super healthy, but on the whole, the book is a winner.

 Finally, the giveaway winner for the $60 of Paul’s Warehouse vouchers, drawn randomly from the comments, is…Tami, whose resolution is:


Congrats Tami! And thanks so much to everyone who entered!

What are your latest finds that you are loving? 


  1. Seriously? You went riding again so quickly, I am so impressed! Pity it ended the way that it did, but good on you for literally getting back on the bike.

    Is it cheating to say that I’m loving that all of these natural products are being researched for me by someone else … ? 😉

    • Haha, yes, I got back on the bike again but I felt SO SURE I wouldn’t fall again. Oops! I did an RPM class this morning and didn’t fall off the spin bike, so that has boosted me confidence :)

      As for the natural products…that’s what I’m here for :) Please try that hazelnut/cocoa spread and tell me if you love it!

  2. I used to love playing the violin as a kid. I was so rubbish at it – but it was so much fun!!

    Hope you heal up soon!!

  3. Ohhhhh how cool, you’re learning to play the violin! That’s so great! And ouch!


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