Wedding Weight Loss Wednesday


I’m keeping up with my new year resolutions pretty well so far! This week has been a little more patchy since I went out a few times on the weekend, meaning that I went over my calories by a bit on Friday and Saturday (about 350 calories over in total). Workouts were a bit different than planned because of my bike accident and the sore leg it brought on, plus the sore arm that lasted for two days following my tetanus shot.

Workout wrap-up

Wed 8 Jan — Short bike ride around the neighbourhood (about 30 minutes), aka the first fall.

Thurs 9 Jan — Personal training session with Max and trainer Ben. This session was core-centric with tons of planks, side planks, mountain climbers, spiderman planks, burpees, and rotating planks. Definitely not my favourite workout lately…core work is my nemesis.

Fri 10 Jan — Body Balance class. Got to use my new mat (The Mat from Lululemon), and the verdict? It was worth every penny. My hands and feet did not slide one little bit during the class, which meant I got to focus on form and breathing instead of not falling over. I also did 30 minutes on the treadmill before class to warm up.

Sat 11 Jan — Rode to Glenelg beach and back with Max (around 20km). This is when I had my second crash.

Sun 12 Jan– Morning Body Pump class. I took it easy in this class since my leg was really sore. I lightened up my squat and lunge weights, but kept upper body stuff the same.

Mon 6 Jan — Rest day.

Tues 7 Jan — After no sleep on Monday night (we’re in a 42 C / 107.6 F degree heat wave at the moment, so sleeping is tough in my non-air conditioned house), I decided to skip 6am Body Pump. Max and I hit up the gym in the evening to revel in the free aircon; we each did our own thing on the treadmill (a 45 minute walk/run for me). I wore my heart rate monitor and it paired its signal with the treadmill, which was cool, but it also canceled out the distance display, so I have no idea how far I got. 

Weigh in

Not exactly what I was hoping for this week: I am up 300 grams / .66 pound from last week! Humph.

Total weight loss for 2014

.6kg / 1.32lb


My eating this week was a bit high, as I noted above. I think my body was really firing after last week’s workouts, and I felt hungry a lot of the time and ate a bit more than I planned to. My weekly average of calories came out to about 1550 per day, which is still a great deficit, but just slightly above goal.

This week I’ll focus on hitting my nutrition targets and see what the scale says next Wednesday!

Tell me about your week – are you hitting your stride? 

Just randomly…do you have a pet? I am dreaming about getting a dog friend for my little cat. 


  1. Despite all that’s said about cats and dogs they actually can make great friends. As long as you get the right mix of personalities they’ll be great together.

    Don’t let one week get you down, 600g in two weeks is still a good start.

  2. I have a dog and a cat, I love my cat! She is very low maintenance and gives lots cuddles…unlike my dog. Don’t let the scales get you down, your moving your body and eating well, that’s what counts.

  3. I think what can be hard when you are on a weight loss journey is that it isn’t just a linear process or exact science every week. In saying that .6kg is a great loss to celebrate.

    I myself gave up the scale about 8 months ago as it made me base my emotions on the result of what was on that scale.

    I would love to own a cat but our landlord won’t let us :(

    • Hi Jan! You know, I totally agree. Weight loss is unpredictable and never linear, and I think I definitely put too much pressure on myself to see that number on the scale change every week. I like your outlook!

      I’m sorry you can’t get a cat :( They are delightful companions!

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