Wedding Weight Loss Wednesday (22/1)


This week has definitely been the toughest of my first three wedding-focused fitness weeks. I spent almost every night sleeping at Max’s parents house as the heat wave got up to 46 and 47 degrees Celsius for five days in a row. It was AMAZING to sleep in their air-conditioned home, but it also threw my schedule off for the week. Then I had some bad news on Thursday: the two Canadian girls that I asked to be bridesmaids both decided that they won’t make the trip out here in October, and my childhood pastor also let me know that he wouldn’t be able to come out here and officiate because his daughter is getting married this year, too.  I heard from all three of them on one day, and the news really made me reel.  I felt pretty down and dosed myself with pizza and wine….not the best idea! I bounced back into healthy eating on Friday, but it was still the low point of my week. Anyway, here we go:

Workout wrap-up

Wed 15 Jan — 6am spin class! I rocked an RPM class with Max and a friend, and for the first time I ever, I liked it! I normally hate RPM, but this time I turned up the resistance so every track was hard work, and that kept me from getting bored.  I’ll be going back to this class! 

Thurs 16 Jan — Nada- an unplanned rest day. Max had a work dinner so our normal PT session was canceled…and this was the night that I overdosed on junk food and booze in an effort to make myself feel better about the triple threat news from Canada. 

Fri 17 Jan — Body Balance class, plus a 30 minute treadmill hill climb to warm up before class. 

Sat 18 Jan — Tennis with Max and then a day of walking around the zoo.  I took Max there on a surprise date because they were having a life size dinosaur exhibit (he loves dinosaurs).  And we couldn’t walk past the other beautiful animals!

IMG 2346

Sun 19 Jan– I skipped Body Pump this week in favour of helping Max’s sister move.  She moved out of her parent’s place into a cute little one bedroom unit…upstairs. So I got my workout carrying boxes of books and a mattress up a flight of stairs. I also went for a short morning walk at the beach. 

IMG 2345

Mon 20 Jan — Basketball! Max and I went to shoot hoops and met an older guy, Tony, who was at the courts when we arrived. We did some drills and shooting games with him for about 45 minutes. It was fun and the time flew by, plus we made a new friend. 

Tues 21 Jan — An early 6am Body Pump class felt extra hard on Tuesday.  I was lacking energy, but it was still great to get back to some weights! After missing PT on Thursday and Pump on Sunday, my body was pretty excited to lift heavy stuff again. 

Weigh in

I’m down .6kg from last week! this brings me to…

Total weight loss for 2014

 1.2kg / 2.64lb total 


Like I said, this week was off due to new sleeping arrangements and a nutrition slip on Thursday.  I’d like to try and work my way out of emotional eating like that, so I’m going to focus on finding healthy outlets for my frustration and hurt when I feel disappointed. 

On the other hand, I’m quite proud of how much exercise I managed to fit into a topsy-turvy schedule this week; I’m really thrilled at all the fun fitness-y stuff that Max and I are doing together.  It’s good for our relationship, I think :) 

How do you deal with emotional eating? Or is that not an issue for you? 

What colour is your bedroom? We’re trying to brainstorm decorating ideas for our new house! Tell me about yours!


  1. It was a shocking week for keeping up good sleep wasn’t it! Sorry to hear about your friends and pastor, that’s hard to hear all in one day. On the positive side at least it wasn’t last minute notice …

    So exciting to have a blank(ish) canvas with a new (to you) house. Our bedroom is one of the few rooms that just hasn’t been dealt with properly yet. It’s okay but just not quite right, I might have to add that to this year’s list of things to stop thinking about and actually do something about it!

    • Thanks Keren, and you’re right, it’s definitely better than a last-minute let down. There are so many exciting and positive parts to this wedding; I’ll just focus on them!

      I think bedrooms are the easiest to let slide because no one but you and your partner really sees them! It is easier to focus time and money on the rooms that company spend time in. Do you have any grand plans for your bedroom?

      • I’ve actually spent the last couple of years trying not to plan or change too much because what I really wanted to do was move. We’ve finally decided to concentrate our financial energy on making sure The Sparky’s business is operating properly before doing anything else major and new though so I think it’s time to accept that I’ll be here for a bit longer yet and start working on the things around here that have been bothering me, bedroom included!

        • I totally understand not wanting to put too much effort in if you think you’ll be moving in the next few years, but even inexpensive things like a coat of paint can make such a big difference! I’m excited to paint the kitchen cupboards in the new place; they’re currently original 90’s woodwork :)

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