Wedding Weight Loss Wednesday (29/1)…on a Thursday

Something is wrong with my host and I can’t upload photos today…hopefully I can update this post with photos soon! 

Hello hello! This post is coming to you a day late because this week has been c to the razy. We’ve had a few more hot ones, so once again my time has been divided between my place and Max’s parents’ house, but this time I have open house inspections and packing to worry about! It hasn’t been nearly as bad as last week, though; I’m grateful for that, and am currently sitting on the couch writing this post while Max makes me dinner…so no complaints here! Let’s get to it.

Workout wrap-up

Wed 22 Jan — This was an active rest day.  I ended up cleaning, polishing, and vacuuming my car for two and half hours, which was definitely active and involved lots of squatting and tired arms, but isn’t really a workout.  On the plus side, my little red Blossom looks great!

Thurs 23 Jan — Personal training.  It was a boxing session, and it was a good one.  For most of the workout, one of us would do punching combos with trainer Ben while the other did pushups, burpees, planks, etc on the ground, then we’d switch. The very last exercise we did, though, was so so hard. I had to sit in a squat hold against a pole while holding up the boxing pads for Max.  He hit them with 60 fast punches, then dropped and did six push ups, stood back up, did 40 fast punches, then dropped and did four push ups, stood up and did 20 fast punches, then dropped and did two pushups.  At this point I thought it was over but no…he had to repeat it all while I stayed IN THE SQUAT HOLD and held up the boxing pads for him to hit. I swear I stayed like that for two or three minutes. It was awful. Then we switched places and I got to make him wait in that squat :)

Fri 24 Jan — I did a nice quick Zombie Run on the treadmill for about 25 minutes, and then went into Body Balance class.  Our teacher was away and the sub she’d arranged never showed up, so after waiting around for 20 minutes, some other instructor came in and taught us a CX-WORX class.  I’d never done one of these before, and it was tough.  It’s basically 30 of pure core work. I didn’t love it, but it was probably good for me.

Sat 25 Jan — Max and I did our bike ride to the beach, had breakfast there, and rode back. We shaved a good ten minutes off our ride each way, and I rode all the way up and down the “mountain” (an overpass), too! It was really fun, and the delicious breakfast at Grind It in between didn’t hurt either.

Sun 26 Jan — Australia Day! Plus my one year anniversary of being an Australian citizen! It was a really fun day, and I kicked it off with a Body Pump class in the morning. It was a busy class because the next day was a public holiday, so everyone was trying to fit in their work out early.  Anyway, this lady I’d never seen before told me that I was standing too close to her bench (the room was packed!) and that I had to move somewhere else. I made up for having to do lunges in the tiniest space possible by making sure I had more weight than her on my bar during every set, just to prove to her that she was messing with the wrong Body Pumper! (I doubt she even noticed.) After class, we headed up to a barbecue at a friend’s place. It was a blast! I may have forced everyone to play charades. And there may have been beer pong.

Mon 27 Jan — Rest day. It was so nice to have a day off with Max, and we enjoyed taking time to hang out together and relax.

Tues 21 Jan — I skipped Body Pump on Tuesday in favour of a good old fashioned walk. Due to lack of sleep last week, I just couldn’t face waking up at 5 30am, so I slept until 7 and then did a nice evening walk with Max.

Weigh in

I’m up .1kg from last week. Boooo. This brings me to…

Total weight loss for 2014

1.1kg / 2.42lb total


I think I know exactly what went wrong this week, and it’s called Australia Day: a day known for eating bbq and drinking beer.  Which is exactly what I did! I also had pasta on Tuesday night for the first time in I don’t know how long, and it was delicious, but I had a stomach ache for the whole next day. Anyway, this weekend will be full of packing and cleaning, which means I shouldn’t have any opportunities to drink a million beers, so hopefully I’ll be better next week.

How much do you think alcohol impacts weight loss? Do you avoid it or reckon it can fit into a healthy lifestyle?


  1. Our Aussie Day weekend bbqs had a lot of snacks and cake so I definitely know how you feel there!

    Good luck with the packing etc, not exactly the most fun in the world but it’s for a great reason :) How long until the new place is yours?

    • We have had settlement on it and everything, but there are currently tenants in there and we couldn’t break their lease. So they will be out on 10 Feb and we’ll start moving/cleaning that day, then move all the big stuff the following weekend!

  2. I have one night a week where I will have 2 glasses of wine. If I drink beer I will end up drinking a 6 park in no time at all. I think you can have it but just in moderation. Some weeks I don’t even have it at all and that’s because it totally affects my weightloss. Because when I drink I want to eat lol. What a great workout week though!

    • That sounds like a really sensible plan. I am sort of the opposite- I don’t mind a beer here or there, but once I have wine in my hand, I really really want to finish the bottle! I went through a really dark period years ago where I would have a bottle to myself most nights of the week (!) but have cut it down over time to just a glass or two on weekends, for the most part. Sometimes that’s hard!

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