Wedding Weight Loss Wednesday 5/2 (Thursday)

Clearly my scheduling skills are lacking lately, because this is the second Weight Loss Wednesday post that is being published on a Thursday.  I take solace in the fact that my North American readers are still in Wednesday, though, so there’s that! I actually decided NOT to weigh in yesterday because it’s that time of month, and I had a feeling that if I hopped on the scale all bloated and cranky, seeing a gain, even if I know it’s period weight, would do some harm to my mental state! So, no weigh in today, but I will be back next week with numbers.

Workout wrap-up

Wed 29 Jan — An awesome, sweaty RPM (spin) class. We actually had a sub for this class, and she was great! A little crazy, but super high energy and really motivating; I felt that I pushed myself a lot in this class and loved it.

Thurs 30 Jan — Personal training with Max and trainer Ben. Now, what did we do…it feels so long ago! Ah yes, we did little circuits that involved plank holds, curb running, squats holds, resistance jumps, kettlebell farmer carries, army rope swings, triceps dips, and more.  It was hard and was a great back workout (I know this because my back muscles were sore for days afterward).

Fri 31 Jan — My little Friday tradition continues on with a treadmill Zombie Run before Body Balance class.  I have even increased my speed lately for the runs, which makes me feel pretty good about myself! I’m up to a 9km/hr pace for these runs.  Balance was good, but our instructor seemed in a weird mood.  Normally she is very encouraging and soft spoken, reminding everyone to work at their own pace and to their own capabilities.  On Friday she was more aggressive than normal and called a few people out for not giving it their all. It made for a strange class.

Sat 1 Feb, Sun 2 Feb, and Mon 3 Feb — When did it become February?! Yikes.  Wedding time is coming up very quickly. These three days were pretty much write-offs, workout wise.  It was over 45 degrees each day, and it was miserable.  Saturday and Sunday were spent packing and cleaning in the heat (I’ve never sweat so much in my life) in preparation for the move and for an open house on Monday.  Luckily, it paid off because the agent found a new tenant and I don’t need to worry about any more opens! Monday included a short walk, but that was about it.

Tues 4 Feb — I skipped my usual morning Body Pump in favour of an evening basketball session with Max.  There were two reasons for this: first, Max has been away on business and I wanted to hang out with him, and second, I’m in the process of starting up a women’s basketball team with some friends and I need to get some court time under my belt before we have our first game! It was fun; we did some drills and lots of shooting practice.

Weigh in

No weigh in as noted above.

Total weight loss for 2014

1.1kg / 2.42lb total


I really can’t wait to be into the new house and to be done with packing, cleaning, agent and landlord-pleasing, and worrying about how I’m going to get everything done.  House stuff combined with the heat this week has thrown me for a loop and I’ve felt really off.  I’ve missed workouts and a lot of my food has been stuff like Subway or to-go pasta because I haven’t been home to cook.

Our tenant moves out by Monday 10 Feb, at which point things will still be hectic with moving and cleaning, but at least I will have an air-conditioned home to be in, and it will be all ours! I’m so excited to get out of the cycle of constantly worrying about living up to the landlord’s expectations and just do what we want with our own place.

Do you turn into a stress case when you move too, or am I overreacting?

Have you been suffering heat waves this summer?


  1. It’s been just over 11 years now since we last moved and we had a total of almost nothing at the time … not sure how I’d go now that we’re a little more established. Just remember, you’re moving into your own home so you have all the time in the world to unpack and set up.

    Ack, yes, the heat stinks!!

  2. What a great workout week you had! I’m excited to do my first spin class this week :) We’ve been really lucky and haven’t had the horrible heat you have all had down there.

  3. Wow, you life a very active lifestyle. It’s great moving in to your own place. A house never fully fills like home when you have a landlord does it?


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