Catching up

Hello hello! I have missed being in this corner of the internet for last couple of weeks! I’ve been busy moving house and I forgot how exhausting it is…packing up dozens of boxes, cleaning new house and old, open inspection for the old rental, recruiting enough helpers and hiring moving vans, and once moving say or week is over, unpacking it all and making a house a home!

Please don’t take those words as complaints, though, because I could not be more thrilled to be in a home that Max and I own! It is wonderful to know that we can do whatever we like with our new place, and never need to worry about inspections or allowing strangers into our home.

Unfortunately, we still don’t have internet hooked up at the new place, which is killing me! It is the main reason that I haven’t been checking in here, and I cannot wait for that to get sorted.

I’m hoping to back really soon with more of the usual content here and am so excited to catch up with what’s going on in all of your worlds, too!

Talk soon,

Erin x


  1. Moving house can be a very exciting, though busy ordeal. I find there is no better feeling than when you have everything in place, internet connection etc…and finally relax right in to your new abode. Hope everything went well for you on the move to your new home :)

  2. Thanks for the update, I hope you would be putting some more tips on healthy living :)

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