Houses and puppies and blogging!

Good news…we have internet!

After an outrageously long wait, Max managed to corner the internet people into a time to come around and check the cables at our new house, and we are finally connected to the world wide web! I haven’t felt this out of touch since 1998 when my mom would pick up the phone while I was cruising AOL and our dial-up internet would drop out!

Anyway, I’m so glad to be back online and be able to catch up on all your blogs, not to mention get cracking on old Eat Run Write again! I’ve missed chatting here.

So. Updates. We bought a house! And moved in! With the help of our amazing friends, we did the move all in one day, and unpacked nearly all the boxes that evening. It was hard work but made so much easier by our amazing helpers. One thing that Max and I have both said is that we have each felt completely at home and comfortable since our first night in the new house. It felt like “home” right away, and we love it for that!

I’ll do a house tour soon and show you the new place… including our 1990’s kitchen! It’s an old-ish place, so home improvement opportunities abound!

Second most important updates: we adopted a dog!

IMG 2356

Meet Marlowe, named after playwright Christopher Marlowe. We picked this gorgeous girl up from the Limestone Coast Dog Rescue about six weeks ago, and she is settling in wonderfully! She was found on a highway along with her mom and four other litter mates. Her mom is a Jack Russell x Bull Terrier, and though her dad’s identity is a mystery, the dog rescue folks guess she’s a Jack Russell x Australian Kelpie. One look at those ears and you’ll probably agree!

Max and I have both wanted a dog for as long as we can remember, and neither of us had one growing up. I used to cry myself to sleep as a little girl because I wanted a canine companion so badly, and now my time has finally come! Adopting Marlowe may be one of the biggest bonuses about owning our own home.

Misto is doing well and has adjusted to life in a new house AND life with a dog surprisingly well.

IMG 2362

They are certainly not best friends, and Misto is more than happy to take a swipe at Marlowe’s nose if she comes too close, but on the whole, we’re impressed with how calm the whole adjustment process has been. We’ve also moved Misto’s bed into our room (Marlowe sleeps in the laundry), which we think makes her feel pretty special and important. Got to remind that older sister that she is loved, too!

Max is doing great- he got a promotion at work and is managing a number of people across his company now.

IMG 2382

He is working super hard and often works very late hours (including a weekly phone call to touch in with the worldwide partners…at 11pm), and I’m really proud of him. He is also getting much more comfortable in the kitchen and has taken on a good share of the regular cooking… including breakfast! I absolutely love hopping out of the shower after my morning workout to find a perfectly cooked egg-in-the-nest waiting for me!

I’m doing pretty well too. I feel like my list of things to do is as long as my arm, but they are all pretty great things: wedding stuff, work, fitness, etc. Nothing to complain about, really. Wedding plans are progressing nicely and I hope to do an update on those soon. Max and I had our engagement party last weekend and it was a wonderful day! We are waiting on some photos from friends (I didn’t take any that day!) and then hopefully I can put some of these up soon, too. Here we are at a recent Bill Bryson event:


Work is busy. Since we’re a government-funded project, we run on a contract which expires in June. We’re currently working with evaluators to help demonstrate all the ways that our project has met and exceeded its goals during this period, and are all hoping that we are re-funded! If we’re not, I will have some leave to use up that I was saving for the wedding, and of course, I’ll need to start job hunting. So, while it’s not too stressful right now, there is the potential for it to become that way….cross your fingers for us!

And finally, this wouldn’t be my blog if I didn’t talk about food and fitness! Without the ability to write my regularly Wedding Weight Loss Wednesday post (and, let’s be honest, a new house and new dog have kept me pretty busy), I haven’t been recording my weight very diligently at all! I am planning on weighing in this week and checking against my last WWLW post to see where I’m at. Spoiler alert: I don’t think it will be a very happy check in. While I haven’t given up completely, Max and I relied on take away and fast food a lot during our first few months in the new house. We’ve struggled to make a routine of healthy grocery shopping and meal prep, and that’s showed in our diet for sure. This week has been an exception as we’ve focused on getting ourselves on track. I’ve been enjoying some delicious wraps for lunch this week

IMG 2408

and dinners have been mostly protein and veggies.

Fitness-wise, we’ve been active (Marlowe gets two to three walks each day) and are still going to the gym, but we’ve certainly dropped back a bit while adjusting to the new schedule that the dog walks have imposed on us. We’re just now figuring out how to make it to the gym in the morning and fit her walk in, too, so expect to see plenty more gym updates!

Phew. That’s a lot of info, so I’ll leave this post here for now. I’m looking forward to catching up with you!

Update me on your life! What’s new?


  1. So happy to see you back! Marlowe is such a cutie :) Congrats on the house and to Max on his promotion!

  2. Gah, can’t believe I missed your comeback! Glad to see you’re connected again (and that everything is okay). LOVE Marlowe, she is soooo cute!

    • She is such a sweetheart!
      You know I’ve totally been missing out on your blog lately because I haven’t updated my feedly! I keep checking your old one for updates. Silly me; I will update today!

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