Wedding Weight Loss Wednesday (9/4)


Hey hey! I’m here two days in a row…crazy! Today is Wedding Weight Loss Wednesday, and it’s time to check in for the week. 

Workout wrap-up 

Wed 2 Apr — Early morning RPM was awesome. It was the first day of the new release, and I was actually trying to plan out what I would do if I threw up during the interval track….it was an intense combo of mountain climbs, power climbs, and sprinting. Loved it! 

Thurs 3 Apr — Personal training with Max and trainer Ben, plus our friends Jesse and Hayley, who also see Ben weekly but needed to schedule in a make up session. It was a boxing session and was actually really fun; I liked having new faces there with us.  We did a bunch of cardio stuff to warm up, then ran boxing drills interspersed with treats like burpees, pushups, and squat jumps.  

Fri 4 Apr — Dog walks.

Sat 5 Apr — Dog walks.

Sun 6 Apr — Dog walks. 

Mon 7 Apr — Dog walks (are you sensing a pattern?).

Tues 8 Apr — Body Pump at 6am.  I worked really hard in this class and am certainly feeling it today! It was a new release and I didn’t mind it too much, though I found the squat track pretty boring…it was basically a lot of sets of two singles and two bottom halves, over and over. 

Weigh in 

Down 100g from my last weigh in.

Total weight loss for 2014 

1.2kg / 2.64lb total 


It’s pretty clear that my weight loss is going excruciatingly slowly, and the wedding is approaching incredibly quickly. 1.2kg in a little over three months is just not enough. Now that moving stress is finished with, I’m making nutrition my primary focus this week in an attempt to give myself a kickstart back into focused weightloss efforts. 

What was your favourite workout this week?


  1. Dog walks are a good excuse for regular exercise … and if she’s part working dog as suspected she will need a lot of it! I’ve had a pretty slack start to the year myself, despite promises made at the start of the year to stay focussed … I can’t believe it’s May already, time to get cracking!

    • Right?? I can’t believe how quickly this year is going. It’s tough to keep focused but you can do it! Maybe start with an extra dog walk :)

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