The perfect Friday night

Happy Friday! I’m so excited for this weekend; we’ve got hardly anything planned for the first time in forever and I’m looking forward to getting some wedding stuff done and enjoying quality time with my little family!

I spent today limping around the office because of last night’s training session with trainer Ben, Max, and our friends Hayley and Jesse. We did a little bit of everything and it was killer! Here’s the rundown:

– Warm up jog

– Boxing warm up – ten rounds of ten punches, eight rounds of ten punches, six rounds of ten punches (if it wasn’t your turn to box, you were either holding pads or doing sit ups)

– Countdown circuit of: dumbbell punches (210), kettlebell swings (21), push ups (21), shoulder presses (21), squat jumps (21)

     o We did this three times; the second time the reps were 150/15, and the third time they were 90/9

– Set of 14 lunge jumps, five burpees, and three shuttleruns, repeated four times 

Done and dusted in 45 minutes…reading it back now makes me hurt all over again!

IMG 2413

When I got home, I finished it all off with a plank before jumping the shower and straight into my cosiest sweatpants.

Anyway, back to today…I’m super sore but loving the feeling. Work was great for a Friday; a bunch of staff were out of the office for meetings so it was quiet and I got tons done. I need to run a training session on Twitter for my colleagues on Monday, so I spent most of the day creating a PowerPoint presentation. The day flew by!

After work I took this beauty for a long walk.

 IMG 2416

(via my Instagram account – I’m EatRunWrite!)

I wanted to make sure she had a chance to get out and stretch her legs since Max and I would be away all night at the basketball! I managed to score us tickets to the NBL Grand Final Round Two so we could support our Adelaide 36ers against Perth. We arrived at the stadium as early as possible to drink in the atmosphere…and a couple of ciders. I purposely kept my breakfast (oats) and lunch (salad) light so that I could enjoy a couple of drinks at the game, and I’m so glad I did.

 IMG 2433

I’m not sure what exactly I’m looking at here, but I look excited!

The grand final series has three rounds, and the 36ers lost the first game, so this one was a nail-biter!

The 36ers led until five minutes left, at which point we sat within three points of Perth until the last 30 seconds.  We finished the game off at 89 points to their 84…what a win! I posted a short video of the crazy final 30 seconds on my Facebook page…check it out to see Max cheering like a maniac at the end, ha! 

IMG 2425

It was a packed stadium!

Now we’re winding down from all the excitement with a few episodes of Parks and Recreation on the couch. This is pretty much my perfect Friday night! Hope yours has been amazing too!

Best part of your Friday??


  1. Wow what a workout…I’m sore just reading it! aaawwww you guys are so gorgeous, love the game selfie :)

    • Thanks Jess! We realised recently that we don’t have many photos together from the last few years, so we’re trying to take more :)


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