An active weekend

We’re already back to Monday night…how did that happen? Did you have a nice weekend? For someone who didn’t have any proper plans going into it, I ended up with a full schedule of things to do. 

On Saturday morning Max and I put  Marlowe on her leash and drove up to Brownhill Creek Conservation Park for a hike.  We’d heard that this particular park had both killer hills to climb and was dog-friendly, so we drove around until we found a place to park and then started off down a trail. The park is really lovely- we found huge trees

IMG 2435

crossed the creek several times, chased pinecones that fell from branches and even found this huge creepy crawler. 

IMG 2440

(Max thinks it’s a cicada. That is his hand next to it for size comparison. Ugh.)

What we didn’t find, however, were hills to climb! Most of the trails were pretty flat, with only a few rolling hills thrown in.  The one hill we did see, we didn’t climb, mainly because of this sign:

IMG 2434

In case you can’t read it, it says:

No trespassing

Violators will be prosecuted

Dogs will be shot

Uh, yeah, we didn’t climb that hill. It was still a fun family day out though! 

IMG 2449

We spent Sunday trying out a new church, running errands and just plain running.  I ended up doing a zombie run around the neighbourhood while Max went on a hike with one of his friends. My run went really well! I did about 50 minutes (with walking breaks) before stopping home to pick up Marlowe for another 30 minute walk.  That evening we had dinner with Max’s parents before collapsing into bed. 

And now here we are at Monday! I had my big work presentation this morning and it went really well, thank goodness. After work Max and I took Marlowe out for her walk and we ended up doing a run just for fun.  Normally I don’t run two days in a row because of my history with injuries, but it was just such a beautiful evening, I couldn’t help myself! Because it was a spur of the moment run, I didn’t have my phone or Garmin on me, but I reckon we ran about 3km. 

Now we’ve just returned from dog training and are settling in to watch The Walking Dead with a glass of red wine. Bliss!

What did you get up to this weekend? Anything active? 


  1. Looks like you had a great weekend :) I went to NYC to run a half-marathon and it was amazing!

  2. What a lovely sounding weekend. Now that we have a more ‘dog friendly’ car I’m hoping we’ll be able to get out for some more interesting Saturday walks ourselves.

    • I think we need to get a dog friendlier car…Marlowe threw up in the backseat of Max’s car a few times this week and he is not happy!

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