Wedding Weight Loss Wednesday (16/4)


Workout wrap-up 

Wed 9 Apr — I tried to get into the 6am RPM class, but arrived just a little too late to get a ticket. Instead, I hung out on the treadmill and fit in 50 minutes of incline walking, plus a 40 minute walk with the dog later that evening.

Thurs 10 Apr — I took Marlowe for a 25 minute walk before heading straight to personal training with trainer Ben. I told you about this workout a few days ago – it was a tough one!

Fri 11 Apr —  A bit of a rest day – Just a 40 minute walk with the pup.

Sat 12 Apr — We went for our hike in the morning for a bit over an hour, and then spent the day wandering around Ikea and a few appliance stores. My feet were sore after this!

Sun 13 Apr — I went for a zombie run (with walks mixed in) for 50 minutes before swinging home to pick up Marlowe for a 30 minute walk. This was a long workout!

Mon 14 Apr — I ran again! I usually try not to run two days in a row, but I couldn’t resist on such a beautiful evening. Max and I went together in an attempt to wear the dog out- I think it worked as she went to sleep really quickly that night.

Tues 15 Apr — Early morning Body Pump for the win. I love getting my workout done first thing in the morning, and Pump is one of my favourites. I’m not nearly as sore today from this workout as I was last week, so I think it might be time to up my weights again.

Weigh in 

Down 1kg / 2.2lbs from my last weigh in!

Total weight loss for 2014 

2.2kg / 4.84lb total 


I was really focused this week and, aside from a pizza night with Max on Saturday, stuck to really healthy eating every day. I also worked really hard in my workouts; I’ve found that doing a normal workout plus walking the dog everyday has added some oomph to my workout routine. Given that Marlowe is a Kelpie x Jack Russell, our walks with her are fast-paced – she has a lot of energy to burn. A leisurely stroll in the park they are not. 

Anyway, all that is to say that it was awesome to see some results this week and I’m going to try and carry this momentum forward. The plan is continue as I’ve been, focusing on eating healthily (I’m looking to get maximum nutrition per calorie), lots of high-intensity workouts, and regular walking mixed in. It’s keeping me really busy but as the wedding approaches, I need to keep it up. Plus, when we moved it forced me to go through all my clothes; I donated about 60% of what I owned and only kept a few nice pieces from my old, smaller size. I’d really like to be back in those clothes, and to buy a few new things too. There’s nothing like clothes that fit well to help with a bit of confidence!

That’s it for me. What were your workouts this week?


  1. Thanks for the update post, keep these coming…


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