Appreciating wellness (and the Mother’s Day Classic 2014)

You guys, I have been sick. I took the days between Easter and Anzac Day off so that I could enjoy a solid ten days of wedding planning and crafting, and I promptly contracted both laryngitis and bronchitis and couldn’t move from the couch for the majority of those ten days. It was miserable, and seemed never-ending, but Max took really good care of me.  That, coupled with some potent antibiotics, means that I’m feeling much better today, and if there’s one thing I know, it’s that being sick makes you really value the blessing of being well. My relatively inconsequential brush with sickness got me thinking about Mother’s Day.  

Every year I run the Mother’s Day Classic race here in Adelaide, and every year I recap it on the blog. 

MDC 2014

This year I want to mention this race before it happens, rather than just recap it, because it is a wonderful event for the whole family that I would love to see more people get involved in. Breast cancer research and awareness is an important cause, and the Mother’s Day Classic fun run has raised over $19 million for research since its first event in 1998.

Besides, it’s a great excuse to spend a beautiful May morning running along the beautiful Linear Park trail (or somewhere equally as lovely in your local city), getting a bit of exercise, spending time with friends and family, and, for many of us, honouring the people in our lives who are fighting cancer.

Both of my grandmothers have fought against breast cancer, and my mom had thyroid cancer when I was a little girl. I’m so thankful for the medical community that treated these special women in my life, and although one of my grandmas is no longer with us, I know that she would appreciate knowing that I am participating, even in such a small way, in the fight against this disease.

I know that talking about cancer is a tough subject. I think we all know someone affected by the disease, and it is tragic. I know that whatever I write may sound trite or insensitive to many people, so I’ll just finish off this part of the post with a final thought: I encourage you to sign up for your local Mother’s Day Classic and run (or walk!) a few kilometres on Sunday May 11. Use your time on the course to think about people you’ve lost, people you love, or just how lucky you are if your life isn’t touched by cancer. I’ll be thinking about my mom in Canada, as I do every year, and reminding myself how blessed I am to have her in my life, even if she’s far away. Go, sign up! And if you’re running the Adelaide fun run, maybe we’ll bump into each other!

Are you planning to run the Mother’s Day Classic this year? 



  1. I’m fighting the lurgy myself at the moment … started last Tuesday so totally ruined my week off, the long weekend and my first week at a new job! Nothing like laryngitis or bronchitis but still annoying.

    I won’t be doing the MDC myself but do you have a fundraising link??

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